DataSolv is not merely a mobile device application. It is a flexible, customizable field data entry and data management software solution. DataSolv is designed to be a complete replacement of paper field checklists and forms. With full database, reporting and map visualization, it provides a complete solution to field oriented organizations who are looking to streamline and simplify operations.

Data Collection, Compilation and Management in a Customizable Mobile App to fit your needs.

DataSolv Inspect


The DataSolv field inspection app is designed for a variety of field inspection tasks and general site reconnaissance for a variety of industries. We can customize fields for your needs such as building inspections, land use control inspections, or wetlands/endangered species inspections.

DataSolv Sample


Our field sampling app is designed specifically for the most common environmental media sampling requirements such as groundwater sampling, soil sampling, vapor or indoor air sampling.

DataSolv Construct


Use DataSolv Construct to simplify construction oversight data recording. Log materials delivered to the site, materials removed from your site, equipment use, progress photographs and time logs. Obtain your data faster, improve accuracy and speed jobsite invoicing.

DataSolv Visualize


Data collected by the app is loaded into a web-based secured database. Outputs can be customized to our clients needs and can include tables, field reports, or we can prepare data visualization mapping through ESRI GIS and/or Google Earth.

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